1. I am new to fake eyelashes, why should I choose ALSH lashes over mascara?

The great thing about false lashes is their obvious ability to completely transform your look, whether you require a soft, subtle style or an overly dramatic, ultra-glam pair – falsies seem to be the way forward when it comes to completing a range of different makeup vibes. ALSH lashes are a great way to get volume, length and definition which cannot always be achieved with mascara alone. Our premium quality faux mink lashes will give you long, luscious lashes, without compromising the natural look. We offer many styles, ranging from natural to overstated glam depending on your requirements.

2. I wear contact lenses; can I still wear ALSH lashes?

Absolutely! ALSH strip lashes are applied right above your own lash line and will not come in contact with your contact lenses. Our lashes are extremely safe to use however please ensure you use good quality lash glue and follow the correct application techniques.

3. Are ALSH lashes reusable?

Yes, they certainly are! ALSH lashes are crafted to last much longer than traditional synthetic lashes. But how much you can really get out of your lashes is dependent on how you treat them! Click here to read general tips on how to take care of your lashes. Make sure you read our instructions on how to apply, remove and care for your lashes to enjoy them for as long as possible.

4. I am new to fake eyelashes. Is it hard to apply ALSH lashes?

Most people are afraid to try false lashes as they are unsure about application. We have tested ALSH lashes among first-time users and all of them mastered the art after a few tries. Our special cotton band is soft and flexible and easily takes your eye shape. Having said that, false lash application does take practice but eventually, it will only take 3-5 minutes to apply.

5. Can I sleep with my ALSH lashes on?

We strongly advise removing all makeup including false lashes before going to bed. Sleeping with lashes can damage the strip lashes and potentially injure your eyes!

6. Can I use mascara on my ALSH lashes?

We do not recommend using mascara or any other makeup product on ALSH lashes. Mascara might contain chemicals that can ruin the quality of the synthetic fibers. If you want to go for a more dramatic look, we would recommend you prep your natural lashes with mascara before you apply your falsies. Alternatively, you can choose a more dramatic lash style from our collection.

7. Will the repeated use of false lashes damage my natural lashes?

If applied and removed correctly false lashes are extremely safe to use and will cause no damage to your natural lashes. Click here to learn the correct method of application and removal.

8. Will strip false lashes cause my natural lashes to fall?

Shedding of natural lashes is a normal process and occasionally you may find a strand while removing falsies. This is part of the natural process and in no way related to use of false lashes. Ensure to dissolve the glue so the lash strip lifts off easily without you having to tug and pull at it. Click here to learn the correct method of application and removal.

9. I have small eyes and the lash strip is always too big for my eyes. What can I do?

You may not always get a strip that perfectly fits your eye size, in which case you need to measure it against you eye and slightly trim from the corners. Click here to learn how to size the lash strip to your eye.

10. My pair of false lashes shed hair occasionally. Is this normal?

False strip lashes are extremely delicate, and a slight tug could cause some strands to fall out. This is normal and does not affect the style, shape or wearability. You need to be gentle while handling your lashes to minimize wear and tear

11. My ALSH lashes are not exactly identical, is this normal?

Some minor irregularity in lashes is normal as each pair is handcrafted. These irregularities are not visible when you wear the lashes and do not alter the style or effect.

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